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Developers Blog
Developers Blog User Wish mind map
  hiranabe (2011/3/27 22:22:00)
Developers Blog What is "Agile Software Product Line" a casual disucssion at SPLASH
  hiranabe (2010/10/23 0:32:13)
Developers Blog Context matters but listen to your elders.
  hiranabe (2010/10/20 17:51:40)
Developers Blog What to do with a long list of user request? -- Just discard the older part !
  hiranabe (2010/9/2 8:33:36)
Developers Blog A tree grows stronger and a river runs longer -- Two types of scaling Agile
  hiranabe (2010/4/30 7:55:22)
Developers Blog I spoke at Agile 09 in Copenhagen, Denmark
  hiranabe (2009/12/4 17:47:34)
Developers Blog Journey from Agile To Lean -- My thoughts after UK Lean Kanban Conference
  hiranabe (2009/10/2 15:55:32)
Developers Blog American Girl and British Boy
  hiranabe (2009/10/2 3:21:58)
Developers Blog Phronetic Leadership -- Father of Scrum explores a new type of Leadership
  hiranabe (2009/7/30 6:51:48)
Developers Blog "Thinking for yourself in your context" is the heart of Lean
  hiranabe (2009/7/9 17:11:10)
Developers Blog I got 2008 Gordon Pask Award at Agile2008 and sang "Dear XP"
  hiranabe (2008/8/15 18:35:14)
Developers Blog Kanban sessions at Agile2008
  hiranabe (2008/8/15 18:17:15)
Developers Blog UX Stage at Agile2008
  hiranabe (2008/8/15 17:40:55)
Developers Blog Learning Kaizen from TOYOTA [with MindMaps] -- Agile2008 session
  hiranabe (2008/8/7 0:39:09)
Developers Blog Dear XP in Agile2008
  hiranabe (2008/8/1 13:46:33)
Developers Blog An episode of Taiichi Ohno
  hiranabe (2008/7/18 13:24:18)
Developers Blog Podcasting about Kanban
  hiranabe (2008/7/16 23:28:04)
Developers Blog BestBrains Visited Change Vision, Inc.
  hiranabe (2008/4/23 13:43:36)
Developers Blog Toyota Tour with Craig and Bas
  hiranabe (2007/11/16 19:23:10)
Developers Blog TRICHORD is exhibited at SD Best Practices 2007
  hiranabe (2007/9/27 19:25:01)
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