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TRICHORD is exhibited at SD Best Practices 2007

Author: hiranabe (7:25 pm)
Change Vision, Inc., exhibited TRICHORD, an Agile project management tool with Kanban(ticket system implementing pull production control in Toyota factories) at SD Best Practices 2007, in Boston.

This was our first opportunity to show TRICHORD in the US, and we had a lot of wonderful experiences...

* Jonathan Erickson, Editor-in-Chief of DDJ, had an interview with me, and published TRICHORD white paper at Dr.Dobb's Portal the next day! He was very nice and friendly, I enjoyed very much the conversation we had in the press room.

* I had a chance to talk over the phone with David Rubinstein, Editor-in-Chief of SD Times, about our new idea of TRICHORD Kanban system. I hope it will be published somewhere, soon. Thank you, David Lyman for this arrangement! David writes "Industry Watch" in SD Times, and was interested in Lean Production/Thinking adapted to Software Development.

* Mike Cohn, the author of the most important book for us "Agile Planning and Estimating" dropped in at our booth, and talked a while with us. Our TRICHORD development team have leared a lot from the book. Thank you, Mike!

* Jean Tabaka, the author of the most lovable agile-facilitation marriage book "Collaboration Explained: Facilitation Skills for Software Project Leaders", also played around with TRICHORD and liked Niko-Niko Calendar and our T-shirts. Thank you, Jean! She always gives me huge courage.

* Michael Vizdos, co-author of "The Enterprise Unified Process" and now a passionate Scrum master, found the "Cards on a wall" and talked to me. Yes, TRICHORD is "Cards on a wall". I'm very glad you came by, Michael!

And lots of lots of people visisted our booth, thank you very much!
Of course, we ourselves enjoyed staying in Boston, especially clam chowder and T-bone steaks...

If you are interested in our Team-Centered Agile Project Management Tool, implementing Kanban method, please visit TRICHORD site.
A quick installale free version is available.
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