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Kanban sessions at Agile2008

Author: hiranabe (6:17 pm)
Kanban is another emerging topic, I'm catching up with. I met David, Corey, Aaron, and Karl -- "Kanban All Stars" at the conference!


This is a photo from workshop led by Karl and Aaron.

Corey summirized all the Kanban related sessions in his blog.

I think there are two ways to scale out Agile. One is "Tree" type, or Scrum of Scrums type. In this model, strong synchronization of the teams is needed. The other is "River" type, or lean type, where multiple teams work asynchronously using buffers inbetween. In this "river" type, even the concept of iteration is not necessary. (There is other reasons for iterations, but logically no need)

Kanban works very well in relatively a stable development, like maintainance phase of products, where team structure or state transition of work items is identified and stable.

Here is my observation of Kanban 9 features. Kanban is a balancing tool between continuous flow and reducing WIP. AND, is a visualization tool for Kaizen or process improvement. My infoQ article related to this topic is here.

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