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American Girl and British Boy

Author: hiranabe (3:21 am)

I had one whole day free today after the UK Lean Conference, so I wandered around London city this morning.

In front of the National History Musium, I met a couple sitting separately on a bench and squabbling with each other badly... The boy seems to be British and the girl seems to be American.

Girl: You British always think you are the best in the world !
Boy: You Americans always want to rule the world !

I just happend to pass by. As an Agilista, I suggested to do a "Retrospective" of their history to find that they always have "Options" on what to do with this relationship today. And I gave them Japanese yellow scarves which I had with me for souvenirs. In Japan, yellow scarves or handkerchieves are a simbol of reconcilation. When a couple fight badly and one gets out of the house, the other put a yellow scarf at the entrance of the house to express "sorry, I'm waiting for you".

After I told them the story, they seemed to be reconciled. I was happy as a Japanese to see a British boy and an American girl wearing yellow scarves and setting closely together, again.

Sorry, Chris and Esther. While I was looking at the pictures I took
in London, I couldn't resist temptation to make this joke.

But seriously, during the conference I envied you for how naturally American and British people communicate in English and create body of knowledge together. For me Japanese, language is the highest hurdle to understand thoughts which are exchanged in the world of English speaking people.

I'm thinking how we can join this process. I need something like "yellow scarves".
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