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UX Stage at Agile2008

Author: hiranabe (5:40 pm)
Agile UX(User Experience) was the most emergeing and creative edge at Agile2008.

Alan Cooper's keynote was about UX, recongizing Agile as the first development approach that makes UX design work.

And here are some photos which UX stage people including Peter Roessler, salesforce were doing -- Graffiti Wall. I'm familiar to these walls but, this is awesome. Colored sticky notes are prepared in a box with a colored instruction tents.

And post cards. Visual icons or avatars are now very popular for giving more recognizable identity in SNS-like services. They use post cards as icons, and post it onto the sessoin board. One post card per session! At the back of the cards, time schedule and place are beautifully printed in a consistent format.(I forgot to take photos)

Grafitti_wall  Grafitti_wall2Grafitti_wall3Agileux

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