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Category: Developers Blog : 

Author: hiranabe (7:38 am)
The second video of our "Ruby x Agile" discussion series, by Matz, Kakutani-san, and, me.

Part II: Resonance of Business-Process-Framework-Language, why ?
Section 2-1: Focus-Shift from CPU power to Human power
Section 2-2: Agile and Market meet

Matz says "Shift from machine-performace to human-performance."
And that's what I think Agile and Ruby meet.

The first video is at;

The original article is published from Atmark IT.

Category: Developers Blog : 

Author: hiranabe (6:00 am)
In RubyKaigi2007 Day2, PragDave talked "I love Ruby."

I'm not a Rubyist myself, but I have a lot of friends in the Ruby community in Japan. When I wrote my article "Scripting Java" in DDJ(Doctor Dobb's Journal Japan), I looked at Shugo Maeda's demi(Ruby bridge of Java) in 1998. And since 2000, I have been seeing Suketa Masaki who wrote "256 times Ruby" and Masar Ishii who introduced XP, Patterns and Principles of Object-Oriented design to Japan(and passed away in the terrible traffic accident in Kobe). And I'm also the boss of Kakutani Shintaro who translated Bruce Tate's "From Java To Ruby." So I'm connected to the Japanese Ruby community socially. This time, I participated in the Kaigi as a lightening talker.


I had a very important expericence in RubyKaigi2007.
Dave Thomas who played an important role in the Ruby AND Agile community in the U.S(Matz, shintaro and I talked about this), talked to us very nicely, honestly, and seriously in his keynote speech.

Here's his story. It was pretty simple.

  • I love Ruby. To love your tool is important.
  • Ruby is like your children.
  • He is a teenager and changing socially.
  • He is dating with JRuby, IronRuby, ...
  • Parents give advice (when asked).
  • Don't forget Ruby's values.

    • Be nice to developers
    • Be clear and readable
    • Be flexible and agile
    • Be open

  • The most important thing is this community.

In the last minutes of the talk, he showed a lot of pictures of people's faces, taken during the conference for that two days, happy faces, serious faces, tired(and taking a nap) faces of staff and participants. It was like a rush of scenes of kissing in "Cinema Paradiso."

And he concluded;

  • I came to thank you, and I feel at home.

We gave him a standing ovation and he also raised his hands and applaused to us. Aactually, we "shared" the standing ovation.

A more detailed log is here.

Category: Developers Blog : 

Author: hiranabe (8:21 am)
I attended RubyKaigi2007.

I have a chance to talk with PragDave. I showed him my new book("Mind mapping for better software development"), and asked for a chance to publish it from his Pragmatic Bookshelf series.

And I took part in the lightening talks!

My talk is titled "Software development is made of ideas and communication." to show good match between Ruby and Agile.

I tried a new style of presentation using camera, pens and paper.

Category: Developers Blog : 

Author: Joba (10:09 am)
Now you can draw Flowchart with JUDE/Professional since ver 5.0!

Ive been drawing Flowchart often lately to visualize the flows of my tasks that I have at work and even just simple flows of my plans for the weekend or stuff I have to do at home.
Ive realized it helps me alot to find new things or new ways of getting those tasks done in the most efficient way just by drawing Flowchart. It clears your head and puts all things inside of your head out on the paper/ organized so you can see it with your eyes.

There are over 46 symbols that you can use to draw the flowchart in JUDE! Also I found that using colour for flowchart makes it look pop up so its not boring and you can enjoy both of the process on drawing and browsing the flowchart after you made one.

Try it for free if you are interested.
Go to this page then click on [Obtain Evaluation License], it will give you a 20-day-free-license.

Best regards,
Category: Developers Blog : 

Author: hiranabe (6:38 am)
** Update **
The second video is here;

Matz(The designer of Ruby Language), Kakutani-san(Japanese translator of Bruce Tate's "From Java To Ruby") and I had a discussion titled "Ruby multiplied by Agile".

We wanted to explore the relationship between Ruby and Agile, and why.
My goal is to show that "Business-Process-Framework-Language" can be instanciated as "Web2.0-Agile-Rails-Ruby" in a very synergetic manner, but each of the three may have other goals

This series is divided into six movies and the first one has just released! Let's enjoy.

Here's the original article in "AtmarkIT".

Although the discussion is in Japanese and we are Japanese, I added English telop so that you (the west) can understand ;-P

Here's the three.



Yukihiro matsumoto
Change Vision, Inc.


Eiwa System Management, Inc.

Service Providing Div. Programmer

Shintaroh Kakutani

(By the way, Pragmatic Dave is visiting Japan in RubyKaigi2007 soon.
Category: Developers Blog : 

Author: hiranabe (6:12 am)
To answer frequently asked questions,

"Are there any links between XP(Extreme Programming) and Patterns?"

Ralph Johnson says,

"there are VERY strong social connections"
So I tried to make the connection visible.

Category: Developers Blog : 

Author: midori (1:47 pm)
We are getting answers of questionnaire from users on JUDE website everyday. I would like to share the last week's result here with you.

The result of last week is as follows;

[Why did you choose JUDE?]

Top 2 of all are "Recommendation" and "Good Features".

As a JUDE developer, I'm very happy to see that a lot of users are satisfied with JUDE features and recommend it to their colleagues and friends! Thank you very much!!

Also, it makes me think anew that it is really important to improve JUDE continually, in response to users' requests. If you have any requests and feedback, please feel free to let us know at any time
Category: Developers Blog : 

Author: midori (5:02 pm)
Do you need ER diagrams for your development?
JUDE has started to support Entity relationship diagrams in JUDE/Professional 3.2.

As you can see the image of ER diagram, it's very clear and easy to draw diagrams.

I would like to introduce you some excellent features of ER diagrams in JUDE.

As basic functions, it supports IDEF1X and IE notations and can be displayed with logical and physical name. Export SQL function is available at [Tool] - [ER Diagram] - [Export SQL] in the main menu.

Display level can be set by the Entity popup menu.
(Entity, Primary Key and Attribute levels)

Also, visibilities of each element in attributes such as data types, lengths, default values, foreign key sign and null option, can be set by the Entity popup menu.

Entity categories (resource, event and summary) can be specified in the Entity property view. If you set the default value of each category in the system properties (Go to [Tool] - [System Properties] -[ER Diagram] in the main menu), you can easily categorize them.

To add primary keys and attributes in entities, try shortcut keys.
After selecting an entity on the ER diagram, press Ctrl + K to add primary keys and press Ctrl + F to add attributes. Also, press enter when continually adding primary keys and attributes.

In the future version, we are planning to convert ER diagrams to Mind Map and UML diagrams.

Let's take a look! It's fast and easy to use!
An evaluation license is available here.

Thank you for your support.
Category: Developers Blog : 

Author: hiranabe (12:53 pm)
There are several referers to our site from an interesting research which studies use of Mind Maps in software development.


Now I'm preparing a book(Japanese, sorry) of Mind Mapping in software development. I'll be published in Feb, next year!

Category: Developers Blog : 

Author: hiranabe (12:47 pm)

We started up Change Vision, Inc. this year, and it is almost the holiday season..

Today, I found an old mail to my friends(Agile Giants) that includes my thoughts, so pasted the paragraph to show my ambition. more

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