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ER Diagram in JUDE/Professional 3.2

Author: midori (5:02 pm)
Do you need ER diagrams for your development?
JUDE has started to support Entity relationship diagrams in JUDE/Professional 3.2.

As you can see the image of ER diagram, it's very clear and easy to draw diagrams.

I would like to introduce you some excellent features of ER diagrams in JUDE.

As basic functions, it supports IDEF1X and IE notations and can be displayed with logical and physical name. Export SQL function is available at [Tool] - [ER Diagram] - [Export SQL] in the main menu.

Display level can be set by the Entity popup menu.
(Entity, Primary Key and Attribute levels)

Also, visibilities of each element in attributes such as data types, lengths, default values, foreign key sign and null option, can be set by the Entity popup menu.

Entity categories (resource, event and summary) can be specified in the Entity property view. If you set the default value of each category in the system properties (Go to [Tool] - [System Properties] -[ER Diagram] in the main menu), you can easily categorize them.

To add primary keys and attributes in entities, try shortcut keys.
After selecting an entity on the ER diagram, press Ctrl + K to add primary keys and press Ctrl + F to add attributes. Also, press enter when continually adding primary keys and attributes.

In the future version, we are planning to convert ER diagrams to Mind Map and UML diagrams.

Let's take a look! It's fast and easy to use!
An evaluation license is available here.

Thank you for your support.
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