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Draw Flowchart with JUDE!

Author: Joba (10:09 am)
Now you can draw Flowchart with JUDE/Professional since ver 5.0!

Ive been drawing Flowchart often lately to visualize the flows of my tasks that I have at work and even just simple flows of my plans for the weekend or stuff I have to do at home.
Ive realized it helps me alot to find new things or new ways of getting those tasks done in the most efficient way just by drawing Flowchart. It clears your head and puts all things inside of your head out on the paper/ organized so you can see it with your eyes.

There are over 46 symbols that you can use to draw the flowchart in JUDE! Also I found that using colour for flowchart makes it look pop up so its not boring and you can enjoy both of the process on drawing and browsing the flowchart after you made one.

Try it for free if you are interested.
Go to this page then click on [Obtain Evaluation License], it will give you a 20-day-free-license.

Best regards,
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