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Category: Developers Blog : 

Author: midori (2:52 pm)
astah* Basic Operation Guide has been added astah* website.

- astah* Basic Operation Guide

This guide shows you the basic operations in astah*, starting with the screen layout of astah*, Model and View Element, and how to create a diagram/model and so on. It is helpful for those using astah* at the first time.

Category: Developers Blog : 

Author: midori (9:31 am)
Thanks to SEA Tecnologia in Brazil, the Portuguese translation of JUDE/Community 5.5 is now available on JUDE website.

Let's enjoy using the Portuguese version of JUDE/Community.

1) Download and install JUDE/Community 5.5.

2) Download a resource file and unzip it. And, save it into JUDE install folder.

Please see details in JUDE GUI Localization

Introduction of JUDE/Professional, JUDE/Community (Portuguese page)
Category: Developers Blog : 

Author: midori (9:10 am)
QCon Tokyo was held at Tokyo conference center, Japan on April 9-10, 2009.

I have attended several sessions and found some common trend. That is, "Simple is best".

In Martin Fowler's keynote speech, he presented Domain Specific Language (DSL). He highlighted readability of code, as role of DSL. It helps business people to understand an application.

Also, Rod Johnson, the creator of Spring, in "Spring in a Changing World" stated the failure of old J2EE at first. According to Johnson, J2EE failed because of its complexity. Now developers want simple solutions. and He concluded that "enterprise Java must get simpler".

Junzo Hagimoto, a Requirement Development Methodologist, described about how to bring business values into system development. There are misunderstanding and conflict between customers and developers. He recommended to show the whole picture to both and have strategy for generating business value. He said that he was seeking to think and do everything simply.

Yukihiro Matsumoto, the creator of Ruby, also introduced Paul Graham's word, "succinctness is power", in his keynote speech "Beautiful Code". He states that code is beautiful and simplicity is also beautiful.

As a developer, I believe that seeking simplicity will improve the quality of code and the working environment of developers. Since new technologies are constantly generated and the world becomes increasingly complex, the simplicity will be one of the key factors for success.
Category: Developers Blog : 

Author: midori (4:50 pm)
Martin Fowler made a keynote speech at QCon Tokyo on April 9, 2009. He presented an introduction of Domain Specific Language (DSL).

As an example, he showed us a statemachine diagram, a class diagram and Java code. It is not a difficult code, but maybe we can not understand it at a glance. At least, we have to read the code to understand.

However, it's more readable if you use DSL.

He presented several examples such as XML, CSS, regular expressions, Ruby on Rails and DSL.

Since these languages have meaning in themselves, they are more readable than other programming languages like Java.

We can not develop an application by using regular expressions only, but it's easy to understand when we use it as a part in our coding.

DSL also helps business people to understand the application and communicate with programmers. It increases programmer's productivity, too.

He says code generation of DSL is "optional". It is sometimes useful and essential, but still optional. He seems that he emphasizes readability of DSL over code generation.

In conclusion, he said this speech was an introduction of DSL and we would be able to find more articles in his website. He added he would write about DSL in the future (when he has time!).
Category: Developers Blog : 

Author: midori (1:45 pm)
Thanks to many requests from JUDE users worldwide, we have added UML2.0 support in JUDE/Community 5.4.

Now you can draw Composite Structure Diagrams in JUDE/Community5.4 :

And, you can draw Sequence Diagrams by using Combined Fragments, Interaction Use and State Invariant, and so on :

Other UML2.0 elements have been added. The detailed information of UML 2.0 in JUDE is available at :

Download JUDE/Community5.4 :

You may also check the new functions in JUDE/Professional 5.4 :
Category: Developers Blog : 

Author: midori (4:55 pm)
Thanks to SEA Tecnologia in Brazil, the Portuguese translation of JUDE/Community 5.3 is newly added in JUDE website.

Let's enjoy using the Portuguese version of JUDE/Community.

1) Download and install JUDE/Community 5.3.

2) Download and set the Portuguese resource file into JUDE.

Please see details in JUDE GUI Localization
Category: Developers Blog : 

Author: midori (10:07 am)
JUDE API Forum has been opened. This forum is aimed to share JUDE API programs among JUDE users.

The following programs are available in the forum:
- DB Reverse
- CSV Export
- Class/ER Diagrams Export
- State Transition Table

Also, C# reverse program will be released in the next version of JUDE.

JUDE API enables you to reference, create and edit JUDE models. (Create and edit functions are supported in JUDE/Professional only.) Let's have a look at JUDE API samples.
Your application using JUDE API will be welcomed, too.
Category: Developers Blog : 

Author: midori (2:42 pm)
GUI for JUDE/Community can be translated into various languages such as Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish and more!

JUDE/Community is supported in English and Japanese. In addition, property files for the following languages can be downloaded from JUDE website though there are not the latest versions.
- JUDE GUI Localization




You can also translate the property file into your own language. Once you set up the property file in the JUDE install folder, menus, labels and messages will be displayed with your language. Isn't it great?

Currently, there are over 260,000 JUDE users in the world, and around 70,000 of them are Brazilians! Let's try the Portuguese version of JUDE

If you would like to share your translation with other users, we are happy to upload it to the JUDE website.

Thanks for your interest and cooperation.

JUDE Development Team
Category: Developers Blog : 

Author: midori (10:15 am)
JUDE/Professional and Community 5.3 have been released on June 27, 2008.

Here are new functions in JUDE/Professional 5.3.

- C# Modeling Support
- Export C#
- Edit function of JUDE API
- DB Reverse Tool (Sample)
and more.

In JUDE/Community 5.3, there are several improvements which have been requested by JUDE users.

- Antialiasing options are added.
- Attribute multiplicity can be input in the Attribute property view.
- An alert message is added for size alignment.
- Add methods to JUDE API.
and more.

Let's take a look at these new versions! We are looking forward to hearing your comments and feedback.

- Download

- JUDE/Professional Evaluation License

Category: Developers Blog : 

Author: midori (10:46 am)
It's a good news for C# programmers. We have received a lot of requests regarding C# support and now start supporting it in JUDE/Professional 5.3 Beta.

By using this new version of JUDE, you can create Class diagrams with C# setting and export them to C# skeleton codes. Let's take a look!

[How to Set C#]

C# setting can be added to classes, attributes and operations.
To use C# function, please set ON to the C# option of the project.

C# setting for class, attribute and operation can be set in the Language tab of each property.

[Class Language Tab]

Also, C# primitive types can be set to attribute types or operation return values.

[Export C#]

Skeleton codes for C# can be exported from a JUDE project file.

To export C# skeleton codes, go to [Tool] - [C#] - [Export C#] in the main menu.

Evaluation License for JUDE/Professional is available for 20 days.

If you have any questions or requests regarding C# function in JUDE, please let me know freely.


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