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Category: Developers Blog : 

Author: Joba (5:55 pm)
Hello all,
We have released JUDE/professional, Community 5.5 Beta! I would like to show you whats new in 5.5 beta briefly.

JUDE/Professional 5.5 Beta

- The biggest implement in JUDE/professional in 5.5 Beta would be C++ Support!

- Setting C++ language information to project
- Type Modifier (such as *, & information) support
- C++ Primitive Type Support
- C++ Language support for Classes, Attributes and Operations
- Export C++ Source code
Please read JUDE/C ++ topic for more info.

- Font color setting

Finally you can color texts! Font color setting is available for each object name. So you can color text of important objects to make them look stand out or for any purposes.

- J2SE 5.0, 6.0 tools.jar support for Export HTML
Finally JRE 5, 6 tools.jar is supported for HTML export, and the tools.jar of J2SE1.4 is no longer available since ver 5.5b1.

- Compare diagrams graphically

Now you can compare two different diagrams graphically, this new feature shows two diagrams side by side and points whats different on the diagram with colored square. It makes it easy to understand the difference between two diagrams visually.

- Export image of UseCase Descriptions and CRUDs
- Improvements on StateMachins Diagram, Export Entity Definitions, API...and much more

Please see the rest in the Release Note.

Try out JUDE/Professional 5.5 Beta, looking forward to your feedback!

Category: Developers Blog : 

Author: Joba (10:09 am)
Now you can draw Flowchart with JUDE/Professional since ver 5.0!

Ive been drawing Flowchart often lately to visualize the flows of my tasks that I have at work and even just simple flows of my plans for the weekend or stuff I have to do at home.
Ive realized it helps me alot to find new things or new ways of getting those tasks done in the most efficient way just by drawing Flowchart. It clears your head and puts all things inside of your head out on the paper/ organized so you can see it with your eyes.

There are over 46 symbols that you can use to draw the flowchart in JUDE! Also I found that using colour for flowchart makes it look pop up so its not boring and you can enjoy both of the process on drawing and browsing the flowchart after you made one.

Try it for free if you are interested.
Go to this page then click on [Obtain Evaluation License], it will give you a 20-day-free-license.

Best regards,
Category: Developers Blog : 

Author: Joba (12:17 pm)
Hi Folks.
We are pleased to announce that JUDE/Professional 3.1.1 and Community 3.1.1 have been released.

They are both Bug fix version of their former versions.

Since JUDE/Professional 3.1, [Import Java] function for a part of Java 5.0, API Release for Mind Map*, Composite Structure Diagrams (UML2.0) and more UML2.0 elements have been supported!

Download the latest version of JUDE/Professional and Community from here.

We all thank you for your support.
Give us more feedbacks!
Category: Developers Blog : 

Author: Joba (9:04 am)
We are happy to inform you that we have just released JUDE/Professional 3.0.1 on 20th of June! (Model Ver : 22)
This is a bug fixed version of JUDE/Professional 3.0.

Hope you Try and Enjoy it.
We look forward to getting feedbacks from you.
Category: Developers Blog : 

Author: Joba (3:32 pm)
We are pleased to inform you that JUDE/Community, Professional 3.0 have been released on 27th of June!

Both of JUDE/Community3.0 and JUDE/Professional3.0 do API Release and JUDE/Professional3.0 started supporting UML 2.0 on some parts.
More Tool buttons are added for some elements to make your move quick! ....and more!
It's became much more useful and Handy.

Please try the latest JUDE and drop a line!
Go to [Forum] - [JUDE/Community, Professional]. There is a new forum opened up where you can talk about 3.0 version of JUDE. Any comments, feedbacks are much appreciated.

Best wishes,
Category: Developers Blog : 

Author: Joba (4:57 pm)
What's important in offshore development is how to tell stories exactly and
correctly to the others. We use the Messengers to communicate with our team
members in China using our second language, English. So sometimes words cannot
describe ÅÉow-to-operate¡¦exactly. So to escape any troubles happening in
understanding, we use WIKI.

Let me show you an example. (Picture on the right)
We write the story and put images on WIKI like this.

Having images really helps to understand what it says.

Speaking of images help to understand, we have been gotten following requests from
our users.
・"An association and the associated class should be highlighted when the association
names, multiplicities, stereotypes and constraints are moved.¡¦
・Ÿhen you select the association of classes, the name, Multiplicities, stereotypes and constraints should be highlighted.¡¦

So we took these advice and now plan to add this functions in our next release.
Here is an image of JUDE using this function.

The bigger the Class Diagram becomes, the more it tends to be condensed.
When you handle the Associations contain a lot of multiplicities, they get very
confusing and you wouldnÃÕ know what is associated to what and etc¡¦anymore.
I myself have experienced that also. And this new function will be very helpful for it for sure.
Thank you all for your requests!

Drop more your requests in this Community Site. We would love to hear your voice about JUDE