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JUDE/Community, Professional 3.0 Released!

Author: Joba (3:32 pm)
We are pleased to inform you that JUDE/Community, Professional 3.0 have been released on 27th of June!

Both of JUDE/Community3.0 and JUDE/Professional3.0 do API Release and JUDE/Professional3.0 started supporting UML 2.0 on some parts.
More Tool buttons are added for some elements to make your move quick! ....and more!
It's became much more useful and Handy.

Please try the latest JUDE and drop a line!
Go to [Forum] - [JUDE/Community, Professional]. There is a new forum opened up where you can talk about 3.0 version of JUDE. Any comments, feedbacks are much appreciated.

Best wishes,
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