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Entry for Joba  Syndicate Joba's entries

We JUDE Team do offshore development

Author: Joba (4:57 pm)
What's important in offshore development is how to tell stories exactly and
correctly to the others. We use the Messengers to communicate with our team
members in China using our second language, English. So sometimes words cannot
describe ÅÉow-to-operate¡¦exactly. So to escape any troubles happening in
understanding, we use WIKI.

Let me show you an example. (Picture on the right)
We write the story and put images on WIKI like this.

Having images really helps to understand what it says.

Speaking of images help to understand, we have been gotten following requests from
our users.
・"An association and the associated class should be highlighted when the association
names, multiplicities, stereotypes and constraints are moved.¡¦
・Ÿhen you select the association of classes, the name, Multiplicities, stereotypes and constraints should be highlighted.¡¦

So we took these advice and now plan to add this functions in our next release.
Here is an image of JUDE using this function.

The bigger the Class Diagram becomes, the more it tends to be condensed.
When you handle the Associations contain a lot of multiplicities, they get very
confusing and you wouldnÃÕ know what is associated to what and etc¡¦anymore.
I myself have experienced that also. And this new function will be very helpful for it for sure.
Thank you all for your requests!

Drop more your requests in this Community Site. We would love to hear your voice about JUDE
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