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What is "Agile Software Product Line" a casual disucssion at SPLASH

Author: hiranabe (12:32 am)
At the SPLASH2010 banquet, I sat with Prof. Kyo-chul Kang who is famous for his work on Software Product Line.

I tolked him I was from Agile community, then our conversation went to a fun experiment, an exploration for the concept of "Agile Software Product Line" as a desert brainstorming at the table !

Here's the picture of the napkin I took notes on. We decide to first explore "what is it ?" and "what is it for ?".

* Agile and Software Product Line(SPL) is both for achieving the same goal, "Business Value", but from different approaches. (the three circles above)
* From the economics point of view, SPL is asset-based(B/S focus) whereas Agile is flow-based(P/L focus).
* SPL stores knowledge of the domain of a product family as assets, and makes product development effectively by reusing the assets. The key -ility of software is reusability.
* Agile optimizes ROI of a one-shot project on a flow-basis, focusing on the context of one project at a time. The key -ility of software is changeability and simplicity within the project.
* Combining the two, runing each project in Agile, while accumulating the knowledge learned in the projects to the assets. There have to be a harvesting phase for asset creation after each project.(and maybe a planning how to reuse the assets before each project as well)
* By using the assets enterprise-wide, project instances can develop products in a shorter time to market and cost-effectively, increasing the enterprise's business agility.

And we (tentatively) defined Agile Software Product Line as;

Agile Software Product Line is an enterprise-wide activity of software development to meet customer's demands in a shorter time to market cost-effectively by reusing assets of the domain knowledge gained from each project using by Agile methods.

Prof.Kang told that we need more activies and contribution to software development methodologies from Asian communities, refered to Prof. Matsumoto whose work made a big impact for today's software product line.

Prof.Washizaki and Akio Iwai from Denso Corp. at the same table joined the brainstorm session to finish our first sketch of the concept "Agile Software Product Line".

What a nice conversation we had !
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