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Want to make the Diagram Editor space bigger. Even a little!

Author: okamura (4:30 pm)
Have you ever thought that Ň™ wish the Diagram Editor space was a bit bigger.°¶when you were creating diagrams?
We should be supporting a feature to make the Diagram Editor to be full screen. However we haven√’ done that yet so I want to show you my ideas here. In face we have added a new secret option on JUDE3.0. It is an option to hide the window title bar of Diagram Editor. I think these window title bars are not always necessary except for users who handle several diagrams at once.

To set this option up, all you have to do is add one line in or in Home directory.


What you should be aware of when you use this option are that
1. We have not checked this option up much yet.
2. The exit x button will be also hidden. If you use Java 1.5.x, you can close the Diagram Editor from Pop-up Menu of the tab.
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