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Category: Developers Blog : 

Author: okamura (5:39 pm)
I want to tell you and share these 3 points we focused to develop JUDE 3.0 version with you today.

1. Improvement of Expressiveness
We started supporting some of new notations of UML2.0 since Professional 3.0 to provide higher level of expressiveness.
JUDE makes much more of communications among people or development teams more than cooperation among computers but UML 2.0 seems like that it makes more of cooperation among computers in contrast such as how MDA is. Then why have we started supporting UML 2.0 now? It Ń‘ because that we believe that more notations we have, the easier the communication could be in some levels and that√‘ our viewpoint and we develop JUDE with ordering of priority stage by stage.
There is one thing we are very careful about supporting new UML 2.0 notations. It is that we don√’ add new notations too quickly. Even though we had added more new UML 2.0 notations, if the relations between new notations and other elements are too ambiguous, it would just end up being awkward to work with. So JUDE intends to have each action to be organized and clearly detailed per each notation for users to be more easy and convenient to work with.

2. Continue improving usability

Good Usability is one of the most important thing on developing JUDE. We had a strategy to develop JUDE3.0 just focusing on UML 2.0 support. However we did not choose the path and chose to work on improving usability based on users requests, even though the UML 2.0 support process gets behind. Features that we have improved with JUDE 3.0 :
- Made it easier to add Attributes and Operations continuously using Enter Key in Diagram Editor
- Made it easier to find what belongs to what relations such as multiplicity etc with Rubber band
- Made it easier to add Associations with Dropdown buttons.
- Made it able to convert between AssociationClasses to Classes.
- Make it easier to see Namespace of Attribute Types by display in Property View.. and more.

3. More Open
We have started to release API, have opened JUDE Community Site and are showing Developers Blog and the information about Development open there. What we try here is making our side visible toward users. We intend to do same with our software. Although we cannot let the whole source code open but we want to show you as much as possible. The purpose (and our wish at the same time) of doing these is to make every user to join us through JUDE. We would love every user to take part in JUDE!
There are some limitations with API release, yet I wish you to try API and post some samples on JUDE Community Site and share them among JUDE Users!!

Try 20days Evaluation License of JUDE/Professional 3.0 and let us know what you think!
Category: Developers Blog : 

Author: okamura (4:30 pm)
Have you ever thought that Ň™ wish the Diagram Editor space was a bit bigger.°¶when you were creating diagrams?
We should be supporting a feature to make the Diagram Editor to be full screen. However we haven√’ done that yet so I want to show you my ideas here. In face we have added a new secret option on JUDE3.0. It is an option to hide the window title bar of Diagram Editor. I think these window title bars are not always necessary except for users who handle several diagrams at once. more
Category: Developers Blog : 

Author: okamura (6:58 pm)
Not many people know that GUI in JUDE can be displayed in various lauguages.

Currently English, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish are available.
If your language is not included on the list, you can create resource
file of the language you would like easily. So please try it. more