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     [Tips] Generating Javadoc in JUDE

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Posted on: 2006/12/7 9:35
Joined: 2006/7/3
Posts: 324
[Tips] Generating Javadoc in JUDE
Let's try Export HTML to generate Javadoc in JUDE.
(Go to [Tool] - [Export HTML] in the main menu.)

It is easy to generate Javadoc from Class diagrams. Classes, attributes and operations will be output. If you input definition to each element, it will be output as a comment.

Diagrams are also output by using JUDE/Professional.

To use Export HTML function, please copy tools.jar included in J2SE to JUDE installed folder.

I used this function to generate JUDE API Javadoc which was included JUDE installer. When we added some API, I just added some classes to the original class diagrams and exported HTML documentation.

It's simple and easy!
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