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     [Tips] How to import Java 5.0 Source Codes

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Posted on: 2008/2/27 11:27
Joined: 2006/7/3
Posts: 324
[Tips] How to import Java 5.0 Source Codes
JUDE/Professional 5.2 and Community 5.2 have supported Import Java for Java 5.0.

We have received a lot of requests about this matter (especially, Community users!) since Import Java for Java 5.0 was not supported in JUDE/Community 5.1 or older versions. Now, generics will be imported as template parameters in JUDE.

[Import Java 5.0]

For example, this model can be generated from JDK 1.5.0 source codes.

1) Import the following source codes in JDK 1.5.0

- AbstractList
- ArrayList
- List

(Go to [Tool] - [Import Java] in the main menu)

2) Auto-create a class diagram

After auto-creating a class diagram, you can modify it properly.
(Go to [Auto Create Class Diagram] in the project or package popup menu on the structure tree)

Please see the following links for more details.
- [Tips] Import Java for how to import Java in JUDE
- Template Class
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