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     [Tips] Creating a new line (Breaking one) in Note

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Posted on: 2010/10/13 8:15
Joined: 2006/6/6
Posts: 969
[Tips] Creating a new line (Breaking one) in Note
"How do you create a new line (break a line) in Note?"
We receive this question quite often so here is the answer.

First of all, "Note" is a model element which is supported in most diagrams.

You can write a memo or definition on the Note and attach it to another model with NoteAnchor which appears in dashed line right next to the Note in the tool bar.

When you type texts in the Note, it always gets wrapped automatically when it hits the right edge. So when you want to create a new line, hit
[Enter + Shift],
[Enter + Control] or
[Enter + Alt].

This also works for the names of models below.
- Action
- Callbehavior Action
- SendSignalAction
- Acceptevent Action
- Process
- Flow elements in Flowchart
- Mind Map topics
- ProcessBox
and Texts (Textboxes)

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