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   How to use of Astah (Pro/SysML/GSN/Com)
     [Tips] Resize and Auto Resize

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Posted on: 2008/7/30 14:24
Joined: 2006/7/3
Posts: 324
[Tips] Resize and Auto Resize
1) Auto Resize
Size of view elements can be resized automatically depending on the length of name or so.

[Modify Name]

[Composite View Elements]

2) Resize

Click on an element and drag a knob of a rectangle to resize it.

3) Auto Resize ON/OFF

Auto resize mode is set OFF by resizing manually. To auto resize a view element, select [Auto Resize] menu on its popup menu.

Please note that some elements are not valid in auto resize popup menu.
- Elements with multiple line name. (e.g. UseCase)
- Composite elements (e.g. State)
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