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     [Tips] Make your diagram fit in one page to print

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Posted on: 2010/10/6 8:04
Joined: 2006/6/6
Posts: 969
[Tips] Make your diagram fit in one page to print
We often receive feedback requesting better print setup options. Today I will show you some of current ones.
*Print Setup is available in astah* professional and astah* UML editions only

First of all, astah* has following two print setup menus
- Print Setup (Project)
- Print Setup (Diagram)

The former is where you configure the print setting for all the diagrams in a project and the latter is for when you want to configure print setting for each diagram individually.

So we sometimes receive this question.
"I'd like to print a whole diagram on one page. How can I do this?"

So this is how you do.
1. Open a diagram you want to print
2. Go to [File] - [Print Setup(Diagram)]
3. Print Setup diagram appears

By default, all the options are greyed out except the bottom one. (Which means when you print this diagram, the configuration set up for [Print Setup (Project)] applies.)
4. So check off the [Print by using the print setting for the project] to allow other options to be set

5. Select [Diagram] tab and choose [Print to Single Page] and click [OK]

Then the diagram would be printed on one singular page. You can also choose [Set Scale] and adjust the diagram size to fit in one page.

You can also open this Print Setup diagram from [Print Preview] dialog. To open the Print Preview, go to [File] - [Print Preview] and then select [Print Setup] on the diagram.
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