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Posted on: 2007/1/12 0:04
Align Width Problem
Post from bob rivoir as a guest

Align Width doesn't appear to be working in my environment (Solaris 8, Jude Community 3.1.1) - at least not on StateChart diagrams. When I select two states and then the Align Size -> Align Width menu option, nothing happens. The vertical and horizontal alignment menu options appear to be working, however.
Posted on: 2007/1/12 13:24
Joined: 2006/6/6
Posts: 969
Re: Align Width Problem
Thank you for your post, Bob.

It is a current specification that Size Alignment Option (For both the Width and Height) doesn't apply to [state] element in the StateChart Diagram.

Elements you can currently align size of are as follows.

- Class
- Association Class
- Object (Except for Sequence Diagram)
- Actor
- UseCase
- Interface
- Entity
- Boundary
- Control
- Actionstate (Action in JUDE/Professional)
- Signal Sending (Send Signal Action in JUDE/Professional)
- Signal Receipt (Accept Event Action in JUDE/Professional)
- Process (JUDE/Professional only)
- Classifier
- Artifact

We plan to implement to make more elements to be aligned their sizes in the future release.
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