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     [Tips] Show a Diagram List

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Posted on: 2010/5/18 15:38
Joined: 2006/6/6
Posts: 969
[Tips] Show a Diagram List
Last week ESEC "The 14th Embedded System Expo" was held in Tokyo, Japan. We had a booth there with our partner where some astah* users came in and left their comments about astah*. So I wanted to share one of them with solution here.

Viewers of projects want to see only diagram list instead of the tree view with both diagram and model information when they check out astah* files.

So here is what you can do to show the list of diagrams.

We call the top-left pane of astah* window "The Project View". When you open an astah* file, the structure tree view is shown in the pane with diagrams and models by default.

To show the list of Diagrams in this Project View, select [Diagram] tab.

If you have many diagrams and want to align them by diagram type, click [Kind].

To see what you can do with [Map] Tab, read [Tips] How to use Map View
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