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     Multiple Class Associations

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Posted on: 2010/10/15 13:53
Just popping in
Joined: 2010/10/15
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Multiple Class Associations
Hi - is it possible to have the same Association Class reused multiple times in a class diagram?

For an example, see:

Can a single Role assoc class be used?

(in the example above - we had to make it a class and just put 3 dashed lines in between!)

Thxs R
Posted on: 2010/10/16 8:38
Joined: 2006/6/6
Posts: 969
Re: Multiple Class Associations
Hi R,

astah* currently does not allow you to re-use an Association Class for more than one association.

According to the OMG UML Superstructure Specification, v2.2, AssociationClass is both an Association and a Class, so I assume that you can't attach the same Association Class to more than one Association. For instance in your diagram, the association between Party and Permission and one between Party and Duty are different as they have different association ends, which means the Association Classes are different.

Also astah* does not allow you to use the same name for plural association classes because the constraints defined for class and association are applicable for association class. (Defined in Semantics of Association Class defined in [OMG UML Superstructure Specification])

An association may be refined to have its own set of features; that is, features that do not belong to any of the connected classifiers but rather to the association itself. Such an association is called an association class.

An association class is both a kind of association and kind of a class. Both of these constructs are classifiers and hence have a set of common properties, like being able to have features, having a name, etc. As these properties are inherited from the same construct (Classifier), they will not be duplicated. Therefore, an association class has only one name, and has the set of features that are defined for classes and associations. The constraints defined for class and association also are applicable for association class,..
P. 46 7.3.4. Association Class [UML Superstructure Specification, v2.2]

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