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What's new in JUDE/Professional and Community 5.2 Beta

Author: midori (10:09 am)
JUDE/Professional 5.2 Beta and JUDE/Community5.2 Beta have been released on December 21, 2007.

What's new in JUDE/Professional 5.2 Beta?

- DFD (Data Flow Diagram)
- Template Class
- Curved Line
- and more!

What's new in JUDE/Community 5.2 Beta?

- Import Java for Java 5.0 is now available in JUDE/Community!
- Template Class
- Curved Line
- and more!

Let's try out the new version. An evaluation license for JUDE/Professional is available on JUDE website.

If you have any requests, please let us know at any time. We are pleased to hear a lot of requests and suggestions!

Beta versions can be used for evaluation and demonstration purposes only. Files edited by beta versions may not be able to open in other versions.

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