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JUDE Future Vision

Author: webmaster (1:32 pm)

Hello, JUDE Users,

I'm Kenji HIRANABE, the Product Manager of JUDE.

Let me explain a little bit about my future vision.
Please have a look at the attached image.

1. Problem -> Analysis -> Design -> Solution

is a primary approximation of "what software development is." It is a problem solution scheme, i.e. mapping from Problem Domain to Solution Domain.
When a problem is complex, you have to "analize" the problem and convert it onto Model Domain first, "design" a solution in that domain, and then, re-convert("implement") it back onto Real Domain.

2. UML is a modeling language.

so it naturally covers Model Domain.

3. MDA,

and other code gen. technology(and other UML tools) goes to automatic generation of working solution(code) from Design Model. It is very important for engineering, but in the context of 2005, creating a executable model is much more time consuming than hand-writing readable source code except in some special areas.


goes to the other side. i.e. modeling the problem itself. This is why we decided to add Mind Maps to JUDE. To us, UML is a medium for communicating ideas among "human", not creating machine readable code. We are more interested in capturing user requirements, sketching them, communicating them.

In the Agile movement context, which I'm deeply involved, ecently, capturing "User Wish"(vague requirement) is a big topic. And Kent Beck also uses Mind Mapping very heavily in his presentation. Mind Map has strong "evocativeness" that stores the context of user interview like "Story Cards".
(I'm preparing an article on that topic, coming soon)

JUDE is going to add more requirement capturing features in the future. I'm thinking of adding MagiCa, Mandalart, Soft System Methods, Goal Analysis, and others ....

Does anyone have other attractive features to add ?

Best Regards,

Change Vision, Inc. JAPAN

Japanese translator of "XP Installed", "Lean Software Development" and
"Agile Project Management"
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Poster Thread
Paul Gresham
Posted: 2006/5/16 1:45  Updated: 2006/5/16 1:45
One thing we're looking at is some kind of handling of natural language, CRC style, where we take nouns and verbs and use them to create classes and interactions. The highlighting of these need not be automatic, but more interesting is the ability to highlight the important aspects of a story and create the CRC cards/classes/messages. Quite often our teams are in locations remote to each other so paper CRC doesn't work well for us and a shared environment for expressing this would be great. On another topic of niceties, we would like to have a one stop shop for our stories and associated tests (using both fit and junit) but not to have all the test classes polluting the UML view. Being able to tie all the ends together into a UML view, perhaps with classes turning green once all the associated functional tests pass. In fact associating tests with any diagram would be great. Code coverage analysis dynamically updating interaction diagrams and so on, are a dream tool for me! -Paul

Poster Thread
Posted: 2006/5/16 11:44  Updated: 2006/5/16 11:44
 Re: Niceties
I'm a fan of CRC card sessions. CRC sessions works best in a collocated team, but in reality, we want to do it among diversed teams.

Thanks for interesting ideas.

We are also developing "TRICHORD" which is a agile team dashboard that helps team to collaborate and share information. please check.

I'm a fan of Kent Beck and Ward Cunninghum's CRC book. JUDE itself is developed in two team, Japan and China, using extreme programming.

Poster Thread
Paul Gresham
Posted: 2006/5/16 1:46  Updated: 2006/5/16 1:46
 Java code reverse engineering
I could not find info on support for Java 5 generics? Is this only in the professional version or is it a feature coming soon?

Poster Thread
Posted: 2006/5/19 4:27  Updated: 2006/5/19 4:27
 Re: Java code reverse engineering
Sorry, we have not yet had a plan of supporting Java 5 generic syntax yet.