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     RFE: Sequence Diagram printing

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Posted on: 2006/9/14 5:55
Just popping in
Joined: 2006/9/14
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RFE: Sequence Diagram printing
I'd like to request an enhanced printing model that will allow large diagrams to be printed across multiple pages. Most of my diagrams have many steps and when I print them the steps are basically unreadable.

It would be beneficial if I could tell Jude to print the diagram across multiple pages. For example, if I have a long diagram with 30 steps and say 10 objects I could tell Jude to print the diagram on 2 vertical pages and then Jude could figure out how many horizontal pages to print out. This would simulate me printing to a plotter or some other large format printer. The pages then can easily display the steps in a readable way and I just have to manually line up the pages.

I am using Jude/Community 3.0.3.
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