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   How to use of Astah (Pro/SysML/GSN/Com)
     some questions and suggestions

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Posted on: 2006/7/24 11:32
some questions and suggestions
Post from Dies Koper as a guest

I just started using Jude. I am not experienced with UML so I just try to make my diagrams look like the ones in my books, but I cannot find the options to do some things.
Let me list up what I searched for. Please let me know whether I just didn't search hard enough, whether they're not supported yet or whether there is another way to do it.

1. Adding a "found message".
I am making a sequence diagram of a Servlet. I don't want to add a box for the client, but I do want a doGet or doPost method to go to the first Servlet. My UML book says to use a "found message", but I could not make it in Jude.

2. No method arguments.
I try to follow the convention that "method()" has no arguments, and "method" (no brackets) might have them. In my sequence diagrams the arguments are not always important, so I prefer not to include them. Jude, however, adds "()" to the method name anyway.

3. Unnamed Object type
I have an object in my sequence diagram that I do not give a name, but it has a rather long type name. I'd like it to display it as follows.
but it always puts the colon on a separate line as follows.
How about keeping the colon and name on the same line if either the type or name is not specified?

4. Default file name.
When I pressed the "Save" button, I expected a window to come up where I could specify the file name. Instead, it just overwrote the welcome.jude file. Maybe I forgot to make a new project when I started?
How about making the welcome.jude page read-only?

Thanks for reading. I really find Jude easy to use so far!
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