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     "Invalid Realization Relationship"

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Posted on: 2007/5/18 5:16
"Invalid Realization Relationship"
Post from Mystic as a guest

Hi. I'm attempting to use JUDE Community 3.2.1 (Model Version: 24) to create a class diagram. The problem I am having is with specifying a realization relationship from a regular, concrete class (let's call it CDog for purposes of discussion) to an interface class (call it IAnimal), when the CDog class does NOT have "final" set to true. Anytime I try to connect the two classes (by clicking first on the CDog class, although I've tried both ways), I get the error dialog message "Invalid Realization Relationship".

I can apparently create this realization relationship ONLY when I have set the CDog class to "final" - but I don't want to do this because the class structure I'm emulating (from C++) then has another class that derives from it (call it CPoodle), and I need to create that as a generalization relationship (which obviously doesn't work when CDog is set as a final class).

Any advice or clarifications would be welcome.
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