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     [Astah community] Rearranging items on "Structure tab"

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Posted on: 2013/5/28 0:43
Just popping in
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[Astah community] Rearranging items on "Structure tab"

I'm a student at a swedish university, and first of all I'd like to thank you for developing this awesome application. We just finished a software engineering project, in which we used a different tool, which ended up being a massive time sink due to poor design. Astah is quite the opposite -- it doesn't get in my way when doing simple things, while still providing optional ways to the trickier things. Thank you!
If there was a license for a single student, I probably would've bought the professional version. Let's just hope I can convince my teachers that the Astah professional academy license is well worth the ##### (which it is).

Now, for my question:
In the project view, on the "Structure tab", is there a way to arrange packages alphabetically? I think I've tried every menu in the application, as well as drag and drop, but I've found no solution to my problem. When there are a lot of packages it quickly gets annoying to have to go through the whole list to find what I'm looking for.
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 » [Astah community] Rearranging items on "Structure tab" js222yj 2013/5/28 0:43
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