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     [TIPS] Show diff using TortoiseSVN

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Posted on: 2012/5/14 13:59
Joined: 2006/6/6
Posts: 969
[TIPS] Show diff using TortoiseSVN
We've been receiving many requests for Subversion integration from users.
This TIPS is a sample how you can use one of them to show difference of .asta files using TortoiseSVN.

1. Go to [TorsoiseSVN] - [Settings]
2. Go to [Diff Viewer] under External Programs and click [Advanced...] button

3. Click [Add] button to open [Add extension specific diff program] dialog (figure below), and then input the following information below.

Filename, extension or mime-type: .asta
External Program: "%ASTAH_HOME%\astah-commandw.exe" -diff %base %mine

4. Click [OK]

Now you are all set to see diff between different revisions from the menu below.

(1) Show diff comparng to committed file
Select a file and then go to [TortoiseSVN] - [Diff]

(2) Show diff comparing to a particular revision
Select a file and then go to [TortoiseSVN] - [Show log] and then right-click the target revision you want to compare with and select [Compare with working copy]

[NOTE] This is available with Astah Professional only.
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