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     [Tips] Multilingual Display (Alias)

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Posted on: 2007/12/25 11:33
Joined: 2006/7/3
Posts: 324
[Tips] Multilingual Display (Alias)
Multilingual Display (Alias) is supported in JUDE/Professional.

For example, you can set class, method and operation in class diagrams in English and Japanese and switch them freely. It will be useful for offshore development and so on.

[How to set Alias]

1) Open the alias view.

2) Double-click Alias1 or Alias2 column, and then input it.

Please use the filter option to show/hide columns in the alias view. Two aliases, Alias1 and Alias2, can be set by using filter function in the alias view.

[How to switch Alias]

To switch views in diagram, go to [View] - [Alias], and select Name/Alias1/Alias2.

[Display by Name]

[Display by Alias]

Aliases are available in the following diagrams:
- Class Diagram
- UseCase Diagram
- ER Diagram
- Activity Diagram (base class of ObjectNode)
- Sequence Diagram (base class of Lifeline)
- Communication Diagram (base class of Lifeline)
- Component Diagram (Part type)
- Deployment Diagram (Node, NodeInstance)
- CompositeStructure Diagram (Part type)
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