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     [Tips] Printing Function in JUDE

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Posted on: 2007/5/7 16:04
Joined: 2006/7/3
Posts: 324
[Tips] Printing Function in JUDE
We have received several requests from users, regarding printing function in JUDE.

Currently, you can print diagrams in JUDE/Community with some restrictions. (Each diagram will be printed in one page with JUDE logo.)

Detailed print settings are available in JUDE/Professional - print preview, header & footer and more! Let's try advanced features if you would like to print large diagrams or set header & footer.

In JUDE/Professional Beta version, we have enhanced its print functions. You can set print settings to each diagram as well as a project file.

<< Print Setup in JUDE >> (JUDE/Professional5.0 beta or later)
- Paper Size
- Orientation (Portrait/Landscape)
- Margin
- Logo file
- Header & Footer (Project name, Diagram name, Date, Time, Page, etc.)
- Print Frame
- Print Grid
- Print to Center
- Print to Single Page
- Set Scale
- Set Page(e.g. Print a diagram into 2 x 2 pages)
- Print UseCase Description into multiple pages

<< Print Setup Menu >>
- Main Menu
[File] - [Print Setup (Project) / Print Setup (Diagram)]

- Popup Menu on Structure Tree
[Print Setup (Project)] on Project popup menu
[Print Setup] on Diagram popup menu
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