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     [TIPS] UseCase Description Templates

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Posted on: 2011/10/25 7:44
Joined: 2006/6/6
Posts: 969
[TIPS] UseCase Description Templates
UseCase Description is supported in both Astah Professional and Astah UML editions.

To create one, select UseCase in the Structure Tree or Diagram Editor and click [Open UseCase Description].

Astah has the three following template sets for UseCase Description.

1. Astah Built-in template (Default)

2. Complete Format by Alistair Cockburn (Based on effective UseCase templates methodology presented by Alistair Cockburn, who has given us an endorsement: Testimonials)

3. RUP(Rational Unified Process) Style

You are able to switch the template;
1) Go to [Tool] - [Set Template] - [UseCase Description]

2) Select one you want to use, and then click [Apply]

You are also able to create your own template, import one someone else created or export what you have to share with others. I will write about this in next post.

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