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Learning Kaizen from TOYOTA [with MindMaps] -- Agile2007 session

Author: hiranabe (1:47 pm)
I led a session with Mary Poppendieck in Agile2007.
"Learning Kaizen from TOYOTA [with Mind Maps]"

We set two objectives.

To explore what Agile can learn from TPS.
To learn how to use mind maps to simulate group innovation.

And we show the audience short videos of Jidouka, and Yatai,
then explored using group mind mapping commonalities and differences
between Agile and TPS.

Here's my session presentation slides;
And the results !

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Poster Thread
Ahsen Jaffer
Posted: 2007/8/26 11:43  Updated: 2007/8/26 11:43
 Kaizen & Mindmaps
It was a very nice session, I enjoyed learning about Kaizen and Mind Maps. I found Mindmaps very helpful for organizing thoughts on a new topic in a very quick manner. [url=]Ahsen Jaffer[/url]

Poster Thread
Posted: 2007/8/28 21:36  Updated: 2007/8/28 21:36
 Re: Kaizen & Mindmaps
Thank you Ahsen !
I loved your pics, too.