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What's new in JUDE/Professional 5.1 Beta

Author: midori (11:34 am)
We have been developing JUDE/Professional 5.1 and JUDE/Community5.1 for these few months, and finally the beta versions have been released on August 31, 2007.

What's new in JUDE/Professional 5.1 Beta?

- Convert from Flow elements to UseCases, from Lanes to Actors
- Gradation and shadow
- Extended search function
- and more!

What's CRUD?

As a new function, ER diagram has been added since JUDE/Professional 3.2. Then, our next step is CRUD. CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update and Delete. It can be used to analyze entities and functions in the project.


ER diagrams (Entities) can be set to the upper side as models, and UseCase Diagram, Activity Diagram and Flowchart can be set to the left side as functions.

We hope it will help you to analyze your project. If you have any suggestions regarding CRUD, we will be happy to hear it.


As common function of JUDE/Professional and JUDE/Community,
Gradation and Shadow are added on diagrams.

If you set background colors for view elements and diagrams, then set gradation and shadow, your diagrams looks a bid different.

[Gradation and Shadow]

Gradation and shadow can be set in System Properties.

[System Properties] - [Diagram Editor]
- [Show shadow on elements]
- [Gradation (Element)]
- [Gradation (Background)]


Usability of Class Diagram is also improved. The following functions are added:
- Copy & paste attributes and operations
- Add attribute and operation above by Shift + Enter
and so on.

Let's try out the new version. An evaluation license for JUDE/Professional is available on JUDE website.

If you have any requests, please feel free to tell us in the forum. We are pleased to hear a lot of requests and suggestions!

Beta versions can be used for evaluation and demonstration purposes only.

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