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Posted on: 2015/10/26 18:56
Joined: 2006/4/27
Posts: 287
Re: SysML
Hi Ulku,

We are afraid that Astah SysML doesn't support allocate dependency at this moment.
So we have alternative by using Block and partition of Activity Diagram. You are able to connect
between Block and partition on Activity Diagram with the step below.

(1) Open a Block Definition Diagram which has a block that you want to connect
(2) Create an Activity Diagram and draw a partition
(3) Click the partition and go to "Represent" on the [Base] tab, and then select the Block that
   you want to connect

You are able to find a related block or partition with the step as below.

Find a related block on the Structure tree
- Right-click on the partition and select "Show in Structure Tree"

Find a related partition
- Right-click on the block and select "All related diagrams"

Thank you.

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