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Poster Thread
Posted on: 2008/8/1 14:01
Joined: 2006/6/6
Posts: 969
Thank you for filling out the questionnaire
Thank you everyone for filling out the questionnaire form on our website while downloading JUDE.

We, JUDE Development team read each one of them every week. And I would like to pick up some requests that we have received through the questionnaire and post them with our comments.
These requests are mostly answers to this Q3. question. “Any comments about JUDE? (Requests, opinions, etc.)”.

[A simple flowchart editor (decision flowchart), although it's far from the original UML editor feature, it shouldn't be too hard to implement.]
We support Flowchart in JUDE/Professional since version 5.0.

[Generation of C# Skeleton Code from Models => Syntax is very similar to Java, this should not be easy to implement]
We support C# in JUDE/Professional since version 5.3.

[Compatibility with java1.6]
Does this mean the Java 1.6 for the [Import Java]?
If so, current version of JUDE should import Java 1.6 source code from [Import Java].

[More flexibility when exporting UML models. Integration with Velocity (enabling end-users to fully customize the exporting of models) would be nice. I use JUDE to generate big models and the generated RTF is very different (layout-wise) from the documents I write. So, in the end, I must customize a 50+ pages RTF to my layout/design.]
As you point out, JUDE doesn’t have options to customize the layout of RTF when exporting. You are able to get information of most models by JUDE API, so we would like you to use JUDE API if you want to export them in a certain layout.

[I want the Chinese version! Want more Chinese guys to use this.]
You are able to display the menu in Chinese (or other languages) by using the resource files we provide on our website. See the JUDE GUI Localization

[There are about 13 diagrams, but there are just 8 diagrams in nowadays version.]
Yes, there are 13 UML 2.0 diagrams and currently JUDE/Professional supports 11 of them. The rest, Interaction Overview Diagram and Timing Diagram are not implemented yet. (Object Diagram and Package Diagram can be drawn by using the Class Diagram.) JUDE/Professional has the ability to draw extra diagrams (MindMap, Flowchart, ER Diagram, DFD Diagram and CRUD)

[To be able to drag from the left hand side into a class diagram. for example, drag from a class's parents or children, or to drag from a search results into a class diagram.]
I'm afraid that I didn’t understand what exactly “dragging from a class’s parent or children" means. Could you please let us know about this a little bit more specifically?
And it will be nice if you can drag from a search results into a diagram, we will consider implementing this in the future.
Just to let you know, you are able to jump to model in the Structure Tree or Diagram Editor from the search results. (in JUDE/Professional)

[Ability to export to other vector graphics format like Inkscape SVG, encapsulated postscript, etc.]
JUDE/Professional supports the EMF export, one of the Vector graphics file. We shall support the SVG when we receive more demands of it.

[Use of generic clipboard (Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V) thus enabling developers to copy paste from one JUDE window to another. Although for user look and feel this might be disastrous to those who are already used to the Ctrl+Alt+C stuff.]
Technically this is not easy to be implemented because this demands a lot of attention about the consistency of models. Though we shall consider implementing this in the future.
We would like you to use the merge function ([File] – [Merge Project]) of JUDE/Professional until it gets implemented.

Thank you all again for your feedback.

JUDE Development Team
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