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     JUDE/Professional, Community 5.5 Released!

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Poster Thread
Posted on: 2009/4/9 6:09
Joined: 2006/4/27
Posts: 287
JUDE/Professional, Community 5.5 Released!
JUDE/Professional, Community 5.5 have been released with new improvements and bug fixes!

*What's new with JUDE/Professional 5.5?

- C++ Support (Export C++ code, Primitive Type, Type modifier and etc)
- Show diagram differences graphically
- Font color setting
- Domain List export of ER model...

Find out more on here!

*What's new with JUDE/Community 5.5?
- Type modifier support
- HTML export of Template class
- Font color setting
- Installer built with J2SE5.0 ...and more!

See Update Information.

JUDE files are upward compatible. If project files are edited by new version, they cannot be opened in older version of JUDE.

Best regards,
JUDE Development Team
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