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     astah* 6.2 for Mac OS X

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Poster Thread
Posted on: 2010/8/3 14:06
Joined: 2006/4/27
Posts: 287
astah* 6.2 for Mac OS X
We have astah* ver 6.2 installers designed for Mac OS X ready. Please be aware that this is not an official release so Change Vision shall not provide technical support for any problems happened during installing or running astah* on Mac OS X.
We would appreciate any feedback about astah* on Mac. Also please report us if you find any problems. It would help us to make better installers for Mac OS X in the future.

Downloads (Login is required)

- astah* professional 6.2 for Mac OS X

- astah* UML 6.2 for Mac OS X

- astah* community 6.2 for Mac OS X

- Feature comparison table

System Requirements
CPU: Intel Core Solo 1.50GHz or higher
Memory: more than 512MB
Harddisk: space more than 128MB
OS: Mac OS X Leopard v10.5.8 or higher OR Snow Leopard v10.6.2 or higher (Software update to the latest is recommended before installing astah* for Mac) 
Java: Apple Computer, Inc. J2SE1.6.0_17 or higher
(This should be included in the OS, so we recommend you to update your Java environment to the latest version.)
astah* no longer launches on Java 5 since this version 6.1, so you are not able to use astah* on PowerPC.

What's the difference between this installer and one on astah* official site?
astah* for Mac OS X has implements below and it is more like Mac OS X application compared to zip-file installer we currently provide on our official site.
- Menu bar appears at the top of the screen just like other applications on Mac

- EMF export/copy does not work on Mac OS X
- Layouts of buttons may not appear like other Mac applications on some dialogs and some functionalities may be ineffective if you only have one pointing device like one-button mouse
- [Print]-[Save as PDF] may shutdown astah* on Mac OS X 10.5
- Please use Archive Utility to unzip. astah* may not launch if you use other applications to unzip this zip file.

Hope you enjoy astah* on Mac!
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