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     Submit your applications for JUDE API

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Poster Thread
Posted on: 2008/8/26 14:19
Joined: 2006/7/3
Posts: 324
Submit your applications for JUDE API
We welcome your applications which you developed by using JUDE API.
(JUDE/Professional, Community)

Let's submit it to Applications for JUDE API forum. Sample programs are also available there.

Please refer to Learn About JUDE API forum to know how to develop the application for JUDE API.

[How to Submit Your Application]

Please use the following format when you submit.

Create a new topic in Applications for JUDE API forum, and them submit the following items:
1) Overview of Application for JUDE API

Describe a brief overview of the application. Specify whether it supports input or output of JUDE.

2) URL (download link , or link to your blog)

Add URL to download your application. (Download link, your blog, etc.)
e.g. ) You may upload the application into your blog and describe how to use it in detail.

3) Operating Environment

Describe the operating environment which your application can be executed.

- JUDE version
- Java version
- OS
- Other environment

4) Developer (name or nickname)

Write your name or nickname.

5) Comment

Add comments here if you have anything.

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