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User Wish mind map

Author: hiranabe (10:22 pm)
Here's an example of "User Wish" mind map including "Why", "Who" and "When" branches.

Gathering requirements or "User Stories" is always a challenging activity in Agile or in any other approaches. The primary factors that make this activity effective are communication and facilitation skills of the interviewer. In this session, I propose using mind mapping that focuses on those primary factors to explore “User Wish” -- a vague shape of user requirements before it is written into a form of User Stories.

Here's a whitepaper of the concepts.
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Tim Blake
Posted: 2011/4/15 1:50  Updated: 2011/4/15 1:50
 Nobuaki Katayama
I am trying to track down Nobuaki Katayama san, I used to work with him whilst he was at Toyota and last spoke to him while he was with Hitachi. The email address he had with Hitachi no longer works, can you help? Tim Blake - LGT Advanced Technology

Poster Thread
Posted: 2011/11/20 12:10  Updated: 2011/11/20 12:10
I could read a book about this without fidnnig such real-world approaches!