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Happy Holidays !

Author: hiranabe (12:47 pm)

We started up Change Vision, Inc. this year, and it is almost the holiday season..

Today, I found an old mail to my friends(Agile Giants) that includes my thoughts, so pasted the paragraph to show my ambition.

My name is Kenji HIRANABE.

I had been a object-oriented geek and a programmer for 1989-1995 and
a project manager. In 1995, I met Software Patters(your hillside group) and that changed my view of software, and In 2000 I met XP and that changed my view of software as a social activity. And then, I've been an XP and Agile leader in Japanese software development community for these six years.

I'd like to encompase visualization method which is Japanese strength in production industries to software development, and want to change software industry where every engineers is proud to work in. Both project's success and quality of engineering life sould be taken in a sustainable work style.

Thank you, and I wish you all happy holidays!

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