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Posted on: 2012/10/12 12:21
Just popping in
Joined: 2012/10/12
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About astah-plugin-SDK features

I was wondering about a question about astah SDK. From the tutorial website I know that astah SDK was base on Maven3, and I find the file astah-maven-plugin-0.9.3.jar in the the folder under the path 'astah-plugin-SDK-1.0\repository\com\change_vision\astah\astah-maven-plugin\0.9.3\'.
Is it the only one maven plugin customed by Astah? Were there other features I don't know about AstahSDK except the tutorial introduced? Can I get a specification about AstahSDK features?

Iím looking forward to your answer! I would appreciate your reply as soon as possible!
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