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   How to use of Astah (Pro/SysML/GSN/Com)

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Posted on: 2009/10/18 2:24
Just popping in
Joined: 2009/10/17
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Hello every one. I've been using Jude for a while, but not in serious projects. Now I started one project that is a kind of complex in some parts and I made everybody's mind to use Jude Community (it's complete, it's easy and its free) despite the fact that we're actually working with C# and the Community edition won't generate any code for us (in fact I think we will generate the Java code and adapt it to our needs).

Well, we has just started doing the analysis and built some sequence diagrams. Now we got a situation where the interactionUse seems to be very useful (diagram reuse). But we are having some trouble on working with it and I'll be very thankful if someone could help me, because I searched a lot in the net about some issues and found almost nothing (maybe because the intuitive Jude interface, there's not too much documentation or examples out there). These are my questions:

1. When I send a message (originated from a lifeline) to a InteractionUse, how do I tell Jude to which message it connects inside the nested diagram? (I'm supposing that can be a more than one message going from the ouside to the inside of the nested diagram).

2. I don't know if I did it right, but I gave the messages in the outside and in the inside the same name and assumed that this is all it takes to notify Jude they are the same. Knowing this, I tried to get an answer message out of the nested diagram but I couldn't figure out how it can be done, since Jude refuse to create an answer message in any symbol that isn't a lifeline.

I'd appreciate any suggestions/explanations.

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