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Posted on: 2008/4/22 16:43
Just popping in
Joined: 2008/4/22
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3 Feature Requests ER-SQL-Export
3 feature requests (or rather suggestions) to make the great ER-SQL-Export even more usable:

-It would be very nice to optionally include the ER-Model-Definition in the ER-SQL-Export as Comment (/*...*/) to have some automatic Documentation in the file as to what is created.

-Furthermore an option "drop-statements only" would by handy in case of renaming tables or moving to another database.

-Lastly it would be very nice to have some hard coded SQL, that could be appended to the exportfile to do database-specific tasks as adding an index or something like that. The best place for this would probably be each table-entity.

This would make Jude even more useful as the place where to start developing.
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