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UML2.0 has been supported in JUDE/Community 5.4

Author: midori (1:45 pm)
Thanks to many requests from JUDE users worldwide, we have added UML2.0 support in JUDE/Community 5.4.

Now you can draw Composite Structure Diagrams in JUDE/Community5.4 :

And, you can draw Sequence Diagrams by using Combined Fragments, Interaction Use and State Invariant, and so on :

Other UML2.0 elements have been added. The detailed information of UML 2.0 in JUDE is available at :

Download JUDE/Community5.4 :

You may also check the new functions in JUDE/Professional 5.4 :
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Poster Thread
Gilvan de Matos Almeida
Posted: 2009/4/26 6:31  Updated: 2009/4/26 6:31
 Jude community
jude é um excelente sistema para analise

Poster Thread
Gilvan de Matos Almeida
Posted: 2009/4/26 6:36  Updated: 2009/4/26 6:36
 Re: Jude community
è uma execelente ferramenta para crriação de diagramas de caso de uso de sequencia de estados de classe e proporciona uma boa modelagem ao intendimento do analista e do usuario.