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AJAX World Conference & Expo in Silicon Valley

Author: midori (9:10 am)
AJAX World Conference & Expo was held in Santa Clara, California
on October 3 and 4.

There were over 70 sessions regarding Ajax and Web 2.0. Developers,
researchers and investors were gathering from all over the world.

I attended interesting sessions such as Keynote by
Jesse James Garrett
who named "Ajax" (Asynchronous JavaScript + XML),
"Designing for Ajax" by Bill Scott at Yahoo! and so on.

In several sessions, I have heard about user communities (myspace, YouTube, etc.)
were very active in the world. Definitely, they are changing the
world of the Web! According to the venture capitalist's view, "mixi"
(Japanese user community) is also gaining the public attention.

Some companies (Laszlo Systems, Nexaweb, JackBe, etc.) made
presentations and showed demos of Ajax applications. These companies
will help us to speed up our development by providing Ajax platforms and services.

During the conference, I have talked with over 40 people from all over
the world (UK, China, India, Singapore, Korea, Japan and across the United States).
It was a pleasure to meet a devoted JUDE fan from Singapore.

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