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Poster: Anonymous  Posted: 2009/9/26 12:42:57

Thank you for posting the article on phronetic leadership! This is the component I've always felt was missing from TQM, Lean, & Six Sigma. In the West, Phronesis (aka practical reason) was literally snuffed out around the time of the 'Enlightenment' and Episteme (aka science) became supreme. Professor Bent Flyvbjerg has been attempting to bring phronesis back into the social sciences because they don't fit the mold of the natural sciences. Phronesis has been the missing piece of the puzzle for over 300 years! Economists wonder why their economic models don't explain the crisis going on right now. Their mathematics and theories are out of step with reality. Phronesis will help get us back on track. The Japanese,the Europeans & Australians seem to get it. America hasn't got a clue. Jack Welch and the 'Boys' are living on outdated glory.
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