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C++ support in JUDE/Professional 5.5 Beta!

Posted by   Joba   Date   2009/2/5 17:55:24

Hello all,
We have released JUDE/professional, Community 5.5 Beta! I would like to show you whats new in 5.5 beta briefly.

JUDE/Professional 5.5 Beta

- The biggest implement in JUDE/professional in 5.5 Beta would be C++ Support!

- Setting C++ language information to project
- Type Modifier (such as *, & information) support
- C++ Primitive Type Support
- C++ Language support for Classes, Attributes and Operations
- Export C++ Source code
Please read JUDE/C ++ topic for more info.

- Font color setting

Finally you can color texts! Font color setting is available for each object name. So you can color text of important objects to make them look stand out or for any purposes.

- J2SE 5.0, 6.0 tools.jar support for Export HTML
Finally JRE 5, 6 tools.jar is supported for HTML export, and the tools.jar of J2SE1.4 is no longer available since ver 5.5b1.

- Compare diagrams graphically

Now you can compare two different diagrams graphically, this new feature shows two diagrams side by side and points whats different on the diagram with colored square. It makes it easy to understand the difference between two diagrams visually.

- Export image of UseCase Descriptions and CRUDs
- Improvements on StateMachins Diagram, Export Entity Definitions, API...and much more

Please see the rest in the Release Note.

Try out JUDE/Professional 5.5 Beta, looking forward to your feedback!

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