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GUI Localization for JUDE/Community - Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish and more!

Posted by   midori   Date   2008/7/11 14:42:24

GUI for JUDE/Community can be translated into various languages such as Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish and more!

JUDE/Community is supported in English and Japanese. In addition, property files for the following languages can be downloaded from JUDE website though there are not the latest versions.
- JUDE GUI Localization




You can also translate the property file into your own language. Once you set up the property file in the JUDE install folder, menus, labels and messages will be displayed with your language. Isn't it great?

Currently, there are over 260,000 JUDE users in the world, and around 70,000 of them are Brazilians! Let's try the Portuguese version of JUDE

If you would like to share your translation with other users, we are happy to upload it to the JUDE website.

Thanks for your interest and cooperation.

JUDE Development Team
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